What’s A SPAE Counselor?

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A SPAE Counselor attends both weeks of SPAE and then some! We have a special “Counselor Orientation” before the program starts where we talk in depth about what it means to be a Role Model, what a Counselor’s job at SPAE should look like, what we want our SPAE-ers to take away from the experience after two weeks, and more! We also learn and play a variety of games to help prepare Counselors to lead these activities during the program without the help of the directors.

Each day after camp the directors meet to reflect and debrief on how the day went, answering questions such as: What went well today? What can we improve on for tomorrow? Are there places throughout the day where we need to focus our attention, or provide extra support? While we are often exhausted when we get to these meetings, they are, in some ways, reenergizing. Being able to laugh and talk through the events of the day is one of the best parts of working in a program like this.

Perhaps most importantly about the job of a Counselor is that you are learning the ropes of directing SPAE so that one day you could find yourself in the role of a Director.

Here are SOME of the opportunities/responsibilities a Counselor will have:

  • Supervising SPAE-ers during breaks and lunch (Directors are always present but are using the time to prep for the rest of the day.)
  • Blocking and Directing a scene in the play
  • Leading Acting, Warm Up, or Other Games
  • Demonstrating SO many things! From how to play a game, to how to audition, to what NOT to do in any given situation.
  • Meet with Directors to plan and debrief
  • Running Crew/Pit Band/ Lighting Crew for the performances
  • Set up before camp, and Strike after the final performance.
  • Be Goofy, Passionate, Energetic, Loving, and Responsible!


 We are looking for Maturity, Responsibility, Honesty, Playfulness, Leadership, Energy, and Openness. 

Including our group for 2015, we have had 22 different Counselors at SPAE! The group has been made almost entirely up of SPAE alum, some having never missed a summer since our inception in 2008! Hooray!

We are now accepting applications for SPAE 2017 Counselors. Applications are due May 1st. We can’t wait to assemble our team for the best year of SPAE yet!



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