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ThurSPAE Week 1: Blocking, Designing, Building, Painting, Magic.

Today was our first day without a workshop which meant we really needed to dive into blocking. Blocking can be a tedious and even boring process, especially when we’ve got huge groups onstage. However our campers were rockstars throughout the … Continue reading

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FriSPAE! Sarah, Blocking, CONTRADANCE!!!

SPAE 2016 WEEK 1- COMPLETE! I hope you all had a restful weekend full of line-blocking-song-dance memorizing! Yay for rain to keep you inside learning all of those things 😉 We accomplished much in our first 5 days together, it’s … Continue reading

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SPAE 2015: FriSPAE!! Movement Workshop Part 2, Blocking, CONTRADANCE!!!

OH MY GOODNESS HAPPY WEEKEND!!! Friday was a busy and great day. Sarah joined us for part 2 of the movement workshop, and she choreographed,” Everybody Needs a Thneed!” We continued blocking AND learned how to “Vogue” where after doing … Continue reading

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