WedneSPAE2! Blocking, Ron, MORE!

Hey Baybieeeez!

It’s crunch-time which means this blog post is going to be short!
Today we plowed through as much blocking as we could. As I’ve said before, blocking can be a tiresome and not super fun process, but I have to say that with this group of performers there have been many magical, hysterical, artful, and surprising moments during blocking.

Today Ron returned to wrap up the instrumental portion of our show. We combined this with Nathaniel’s work with Cerebus, the three-headed dog, who after intimidating Grover and Annabeth, shows its true colors and really just wants companionship. It’s touching. It’s a terrific example of how tremendous moments can happen onstage without a single piece of dialogue. AND- it was a great reminder for me about how lucky SPAE is to have people like Ron Kelley and Nathaniel Van Osdol as pillars in our community. Badabing, Badaboom.

Today the Camp Half-Blood Trainers and I did some planning for their Improvised scenes. We cannot wait to do these with you… more on that to come.
We choreographed more of our partner-combat and started thinking about how we’ll put all of the fighting together for our Giant Capture-the-Flag scene.
AND- so much more, but I’ve got to go work on tomorrow’s schedule to make sure it all gets done! Look at Flickr for more photos of today’s work!!!

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