Tue(2)SPAE: Slinky, Blocking, Fairen!

For 7 years, (with the exception of a few years where it may have fallen on the weekend,) we have been celebrating Fairen’s birthday at SPAE. It’s always one of my favorite SPAE days. Each year some weird thing is done to her, sometimes by directors and sometimes by counselors. This year the Director-Team took it upon themselves to bring one of Fairen’s favorite games to life by putting her on a game show where she met the real-life versions of Mr. Whiskers, Misty Viscous, and Whispy Mixer. That poor girl. Happy 16th Birthday Fairen, we love you endlessly.

This morning Abby discussed the difference between acting for film and acting for the stage with campers because this afternoon we FILMED A SCENE!!! Here are some of the differences that campers came up with:

-Camera catches more subtleties in your face
-Can film in different locations
-Don’t have to memorize as many lines
-Can redo takes over and over

James, Ainsley, Andrew, and Hannah stayed after to camp to film a scene. Abby did an awesome job of setting up tons of different shots, and I remarked to her afterward that it was incredible how much time it takes (it took about an hour and a half not including the time Fairen spent before hand creating Ainsley’s Fury-Face and then applying it,) for a video that will be less than 1 minute. We can’t wait to see the final product.

Today my improv team Slinky Says Relax came down from Burlington to debut our improvised musical! It was fairly terrifying but the SPAE audience was so supportive and generous with their laughs. Slinky then did workshops with campers and had an awesome afternoon.

And amidst this we made headway with learning songs, blocking more scenes, and have almost finished props and set pieces!!!
Tomorrow we hope to wrap up blocking… AND Ron is back tomorrow, bring instruments!!! Holy cow, how are we already so close to our show?!

**Don’t forget that on Friday campers stay through until the show at 7pm! We will do a potluck dinner typically families send a dish in with their camper or drop food off in the afternoon no later than 4pm. We thank you so much for this as we’ve found it’s the best way to keep our energy going and the community strong straight through opening night.

**On Saturday the performance is at 4pm but we ask that campers arrive at the Dutton gym at 1pm to celebrate the first performance, (maybe even watch parts of it!!) get in the zone, and get into costume and make-up!)

Don’t forget to look for more photos on FLICKR!

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