Today we had a first-time SPAE workshop that BLEW.MY.MIND.
Ian Bigelow joined us to teach Stage Combat. He worked with campers and counselors in two groups for an hour and a half each. They learned a ton of specific attacks and blocks, but they also did exercises in grounding themselves, balance, trust, and the one that made me laugh the most-different ways to fall. It was a blast and he has set us up so well to choreograph our Giant Capture the Flag Battle.


Opposite of the workshops we crammed so much work into such little time. Campers were costumed by Ellie, Alice, Abbie and more. They continued finding and making props, painting sets, paper mache-ing the Minotaur Head and more with Fairen in the workshop. They blocked scenes with the directors and did character work. Susie is teaching songs like nobody’s business. Our Camper-Composers also managed to crank out more tunes for our big Half-Blood Campfire Scene and I look forward to hearing those sung.


In our last 50 minutes of the day I continued plowing through blocking the group number “Be A God.” Campers were patient and mostly focused despite having the lighting-scaffolding rolling around us with stage lights being turned off and on. We have one more Chorus to make it through and that song with all 37 performers will be able to be checked off on our list. Huzzah!

To say goodbye we did the Promenade Tunnel that many of us learned from Andy Davis at the Contradance. It was so silly but also moving. The SPAE family is awesome.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be memorizing lines, blocking, songs, and dances! It’d be great if we had time to do it all at SPAE… but we don’t! We need your help!
if your performer told costumers they’d bring in anything specific from home please have them bring it TOMORROW.
Tomorrow we’ll be joined by my Long-Form Musical Improv Team “Slinky Says Relax” we’ll do a performance and then a workshop on musical improv. Booyah!

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