Frisbee (FriSPAE) Week 1: Sarah Grasso, Blocking, Compliment Project, Contradance!

Another welcomed autocorrect.

After a restful weekend I’m feeling anxious to dive back into our great work tomorrow! We have so much to do on this 22-Scene 37-cast member production. In our first week we learned each other’s names, the basics of improv, we auditioned and were cast in our roles, we rapped, we started to learn songs, we danced, we played our instruments, we painted, paper-mached, built things, found costumes, brainstormed ideas for pretty much everything, started to memorize lines, began blocking scenes, found leadership, found cooperation, we collaborated, were nervous, were shy, were motivated, were brave, we laughed a lot, we were surprised, we were curious, we asked and answered questions, we left things unanswered, and most importantly, the pillars of our community were solidly formed.

At the end of the day Friday we experimented with what we called “The Compliment Project.” Campers stood against a big stretch of paper and everyone wrote compliments around them in silence. It was definitely telling about how far our group has come since Monday.

On Friday Night our Contradance was so fantastic, thank you to all who made it. It was a terrific way to wrap up our first week.

Here’s to a fantastic first week of SPAE 2017.
On Monday we’ll have our stage combat workshop which I’ll think we’re all eager for. We’ll start learning more new songs, we’ll continue blocking as fast as we can, we’ll continue to find costumes and props, paints set pieces and scenery, play games and more.
Don’t forget to check out the Flickr Page!

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