ThurSPAE Week 1: Blocking, Designing, Building, Painting, Magic.

Today was our first day without a workshop which meant we really needed to dive into blocking. Blocking can be a tedious and even boring process, especially when we’ve got huge groups onstage. However our campers were rockstars throughout the day. Once again we were confined to indoors by the rain but our counselors regrouped well and led games in any nook and cranny they could find in the Dutton Gym.

Campers continue to impress me by including everyone in activities, by taking a risk and choosing a partner they don’t know, by being open-minded to new activities, by being respectful to each other, counselors, and directors. SPAE 2017 is a great group of humans and I know that we will create something awesome together.

We are so impressed with how Nathaniel and Susie have stepped to their roles of Assistant Director. Nathaniel has been blocking scenes and writing lyrics while Susie has been teaching the songs she composed melodies for. They are a rockstar duo and we are so lucky to have them as part of our team.

TOMORROW NIGHT IS THE SPAE CONTRADANCE (6:30-8:30 on the Townshend Common!) Called by the endlessly talented and inspiring Andy Davis!!! That means today we learned/remembered a SPAE favorite called, “Sasha!” (Have your kiddo teach you in advance so you’re ready for that one tomorrow night!)

We ended our day by rapid-fire brainstorming ways to memorize our songs, lines, and blocking. Here are some of the strategies we came up with:
-With a family member reading the other lines (especially theĀ cue line)
-In front of a mirror
-Doing your blocking at the same time
-Reading in your head
-Reading outloud in character
-Writing your lines down
-Recording yourself

“The Lightning Thief” goes up a week from tomorrow (HOLY COW HOLY COW HOLY COW) that means if you haven’t already begun practicing at home, the time has DEFINITELY arrived!
Here’s the link to the Facebook event if you’d like to spread the word to your people that way!

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