WedneSPAE Week 1! We hear the story with Voices…

Wednesday is always a high-emotion day. In sticking with SPAE tradition we read the cast list before morning snack. Our campers were incredibly gracefully in receiving their parts, and when we returned from snack and read through the script in our real parts it was SO exciting to really see the pieces falling into place.
“Hey everybody, Let’s Do Burpees!” “Yes let’s!”

Today I led an intro to Improvisation focusing on “Yes, And.” We broke this up into different exercises and called back to activities we’d already done “You? Yes.” and “Yes, Let’s!” Then we planned parties, parades, and more with a partner. Each time one person was in charge of providing the ideas. The first round their partner had to respond with “No because___” and explain why the idea wouldn’t work. Then they’d switch and the partner had to respond “No but____” and provide an alternative plan, (still denying their partner, but maybe it’s less harsh?) the third round the partner had to respond “Yes, and____” and add something to the idea. And in the final round both partners were giving ideas and responding with “HECK YES and___”

The idea of going along with the reality that your scene partner creates is crucial to improv, and in general, I think it’s our natural instinct to want to say yes to people. Campers found it challenging to continue shooting down their partners ideas-around the room the feedback was echoes of:

“They had really cool ideas and I wanted to say yes to them!”

While some of us reunited with Charity for Song-Writing Part 2, the rest of of went outside to learn a few short-form improv games.

Later, we began BLOCKING THE SHOW! (Blocking is when directors give the actors their stage directions. At SPAE we really stress writing down our blocking-which we learned how to do yesterday- so that campers don’t forget what we’ve done.)
While not blocking campers began work painting sets and props, Jesse designed our sign for the front of the building, multiple characters began getting costumed, the Greek Chorus started pow-wowing to design their costumes/identities, AND MORE!!!

We were so thankful for the beautiful weather today, let’s hope it sticks around!

Don’t forget- our FLICKR page has more photos!

**Don’t forget, the 3rd SPAE CONTRA DANCE is THIS Friday from 6:30-8:30 on the Townshend common. BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! ($5 suggested donation to help offset the cost of the amazing band!)

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