TueSPAE Week 1! Dance, Sets, Song Writing, Instrument-Playing, AUDITIONS!

Holy Cow. This was perhaps the busiest Tuesday in SPAE history. Today we had 4 different workshops led by incredible rockstars.

In the morning Fairen (our very own Counselor) led a set design workshop and campers have begun to build a mini set in a shoe box.

Also in the morning we were graced with the pretense of Local Dance-Legend Sarah Grasso. This is her 3rd year at SPAE and every year our minds are blown. We’ll see her again Friday to continue learning the dance that will close out the show as a final celebration at Camp Half-Blood.

And of course, this morning…we had AUDITIONS. As a director I’ve always found that SPAE auditions are one of the most exciting parts of the two weeks because you finally know for sure that the show will be so totally fantastic because your cast is full of unique and brave performers…but it’s also a heartbreaking part because you know you can’t cast everyone in their first choice role.
Susie, Nathaniel, Emily, Abby, and I spent 2+ hours after camp working through so many possible combinations and permutations of the script. What we’ve assembled will totally rock. We can’t wait to get started.

In the afternoon our Counselors stepped up to lead Script-Marking workshops where we learned how and where to write in our blocking, blocking shorthand (ask your kids to teach you!) and what exactly to highlight to help memorization.

Charity came to lead a song-writing workshop with interested campers. The end-goal is to write two of the songs that will be included in our production. But Charity is sharing so much about the process of song writing, and the difference between writing music for yourself and for a production. She began the workshop by asking campers to share their favorite song and speak or sing a few of their favorite lines. Later they split up and started getting lines down on paper. After only a few minutes they came back and already had work to sing! Make sure to check out a tiny video clip on the Facebook page. 
Charity will be back tomorrow and we can.not.wait.
Our SPAE favorite Ron Kelley joined us and we took out our instruments, (some of us for the first time all summer…) and we learned stuff by ear!!! Cool Cool Cool! We’ll practice more this week, but Ron will join us again next week to add the instrument piece to what will be happening on stage…the Transition to Hades’ Underworld!

Woah. I hope everyone catches their breath tonight. Tomorrow will be undoubtedly exciting. We’re even going to start blocking the show… oh man oh man oh man!

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