MonSPAE (Moonscape) Week 1!!!

I had to leave that “MonSPAE” autocorrect for your enjoyment.

We’re off and running! We had a wonderful first day of SPAE!


One of the most important parts of the first day of SPAE is laying down what our group thinks it takes to build a community. This year, we made a video of our thoughts.

Oh Mighty Zeus,
Send Down Upon Me
A Camera.

We spent a while today working on getting everyone’s names down. Each camper said their name while doing a motion and we all repeated. Then we had to send it around to different people in the circle by doing our own motion, then theirs. I wonder if we’ll still remember our motions at the end of the week… maybe even next week?

During our warm-up Emily taught us two tongue twisters to start practicing,
“Surely the sun shall shine soon” (which, like, yes please.)
and “You know New York, you need New York you know you need unique New York.” Teach them to your family!

A good chunk of the afternoon was dedicated to reading the rough draft of the script. It is long…and not a very rewarding process-but every camper was a total rockstar, and we all made it through the story.

TOMORROW- we have a CRAZY day. In the morning we’ll have a set workshop led by Fairen, a dance workshop led by Sarah Grasso (wear comfortable clothing,) and AUDITIONS!
Remember- auditions are not meant to be stressful. You’ll be with at least 9 other campers reading scenes just like today when we read through the script. Huzzah! Think about your top 4 character choices.
In the afternoon we are so excited to welcome Ron Kelley out of retirement (that he’s been in for about a month now,) to create instrumental music with us for the UNDERWORLD! Don’t forget instruments tomorrow! Read that bracelet!
And we’re quaking in our boots with excitement for our song writing workshop with Charity Houghton tomorrow. Still time to decide if you would like to participate. It’s gonna be a busy day. Bring extra snacks!

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