The 2017 Counselors!

Introducing the SPAE 2017 Counselors!

Fairen Stark- 3rd Year
Madison Chase- 2nd Year
Trey Crego- 2nd Year
Ellie Longo- 2nd Year
Nic Tolbert- 1st Year
Julia Assogba-Slowik- 1st Year
Alice Coyne-1st Year
Abbie Hazelton-1st Year

Here are some of our favorite things these counselors said in their application letters.

A SPAE Counselor-
Has to be enthusiastic, go into everyday with a positive attitude, an open mind and a smile on their face ready to work.”

“Walks a fine line between forming strong connections with campers but also being someone they can look up to and listen to.”

“Brings some special skill and/or trait to the table that can/will complement someone else’s skills/traits and ensure that everyone can feel invited and will enjoy their time at the camp.”

“Could identify with new students and could help them find new friends and develop the confidence to find more.”

“An amazing program that shows kids what they are capable of and what makes them unique. Also, that it is a safe and comfortable community that will always help you.”

“Every year I am blown away by what our beautiful little community can accomplish.”

“It’s a great way to have fun and take yourself out of your comfort zone in a safe place where you learn about community.”

“[It’s] full of fun and games as well as bringing a story to life.”

“It’s probably one of the coolest things you can do over the summer, getting to put on a “mask” and portray someone else’s life or event in their life is just SUPER cool”

“A person can blossom, and [make] unique friends they will never forget.”

We’re gearing up to work with the great team at our
Counselor Orientation on July 23rd! Huzzah!

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