WedneSPAE 2: Stumbling Through…

Oh man. Today! This morning we finished blocking (which we totally forgot to have an enormous cheer/dance party for…) and this afternoon we began our “Stumble Through.” This means we begin at Scene 1 and work our way through the show in sequence. Directors will stop and fix things, sometimes run things again, but mostly we try to power through. We made it through more than half of the show, but did some really important cleaning-up.

An ENORMOUS thank you to our Counselors and Campers that finished up all set pieces and props… the state of our behind-the-scenes work this year has perhaps broken a SPAE record. So fantastic.
Tonight- memorize lines and cues, memorize songs, blocking, dances… we can do this.

Tomorrow we finish the stumble, run the music, finish some dancing and blocking, run the show, and hopefully remember to breathe somewhere in there. This community is incredible. I feel so lucky to be swept up in this particular kind of magic.

We have one flashlight! We need more!
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