TueSPAE2: Race Against The Clock

We are pushing hard at SPAE. What we ask of these youngn’s is not so reasonable…and every year they never cease to amaze us. Once again, we will push hard, and I know they will rise to the occasion. We’re so close to being done with blocking, we’ll hopefully wrap up tomorrow morning and stumble through the show in the afternoon.

Nathaniel and Karlie blocking

There is SO much music in “Peter Pan,” more than we’ve had in any SPAE show yet. This afternoon the incredible pit-band (Susie, Nathaniel, Fairen, and Emily,) stayed to rehearse the tunes. I am forever in their debt. And while we tooted away on our horns Grant and John Butler hung lights-AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.

TODAY we had the extreme pleasure of having a Costume Workshop led by Abby and a Makeup Workshop led by Johnny. Total Rockstars. I can’t wait to see what emerges as campers work on their costume and makeup designs.

It’s hard to illuminate just how far the SPAE community extends- but we are SO thankful to all who make this happen. Look for an email from Abby tonight-here are the main points:

-On Friday we will all STAY through the day and until the show. We will have a potluck dinner beginning at 4:30. Thank you in advance for preparing a dish to share and getting it to camp either in the morning or by 4. Our hungry campers and staff will thank you!!

-Saturday the show is at 4 and call (when campers should arrive,) is at 1. Keep in mind it’s Hospital Fair Day. Plan accordingly.

-We will have concessions on Friday to help pay our wonderful counselor staff, if you can contribute to this, AMAZING.

-We need flashlights! If you can send one in please make sure it’s marked with your name!


IMG_2573Ellie worked with Peter Pan (Julie) and Shadow (Hope) today, SO cool.

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