MonSPAE2: The Gang’s All Here

We’re back at it! Today we welcome Nic Tolbert and Tino Benson back to the SPAE community-they’ll be mostly working in the shop during the rest of our time together. Tino spent the day sculpting the CROCODILE and Nic continued work on our sign to display outside of the Dutton. We’re so glad they’re joining us!

original_url: 650E655F-80A4-45FC-8AEE-A436DB7D0F56

Blocking, Blocking, Blocking… We’re tumbling through staging the show. In order to get it all done in two weeks we’re constantly asking “What can we do with this time?” and then we split in at least 4 directions to be blocking, learning music, rehearsing dances, and working on sets/costumes/props. Holy cow. The SPAE community is quite a work force.

Tomorrow we’ll have a make-up workshop and costume workshop, along with continuing to stage the show and learn music. So proud of the work the team is doing. AND LOOK, WE FINALLY GOT A GROUP PICTURE!

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