FriSPAE! Sarah, Blocking, CONTRADANCE!!!

I hope you all had a restful weekend full of line-blocking-song-dance memorizing! Yay for rain to keep you inside learning all of those things 😉

We accomplished much in our first 5 days together, it’s stunning, really. But we have much left to do as we move towards our performances. On Friday we enjoyed the second installment of Sarah Grasso’s movement workshop. She wrapped up the group-choreography and moved on to our solo dancers. They choreographed their own solos and will be featured in the Ugh A Wug Dance. They are each so unique and beautiful and look so challenging… so cool.

We also moved forward with blocking. Blocking is the process of getting actors on the stage and giving them the basic directions of where they should move during the scene. Blocking is what you do on stage. This process can sometimes be frustrating and lengthy, but so far our actors have done an incredible job of focusing and digging in to the work!

When folks aren’t blocking they are playing games outside with counselors or working on sets/props/costumes. I can’t believe how much has been accomplished already!

We conclude week one with “Got Your Back,” we moved around silently with paper taped to our backs for about 20 minutes writing experiences we’ve had with one another during the first week, or what we look forward to doing with that person in the second week. It’s always pretty amazing to see what people write. #Community

All weekend long I’ve been stomping around my house swinging imaginary partners, do-si-doing them, and sashaying up and down my imaginary sets. The Contra Dance was INCREDIBLE. We missed those that couldn’t make it-but I promised we danced hard enough for everyone! Definitely check out the Flickr Page to see those awesome pictures!

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