ThurSPAE: Sarah Grasso! Blocking!

Hey SPAE-Followers!

I cannot believe that week one is wrapping up. But when I think of the workshops, scene and character work, costumes, prop and set work, community building, song-learning, game-playing, and more that has gone on…it makes sense that we’ve shared four days together!

original_url: B5203CE3-E6FE-4FAB-89F1-118882EE4424

original_url: B5203CE3-E6FE-4FAB-89F1-118882EE4424

This morning Sarah Grasso joined us to lead part 1 of our movement workshop. Sarah is incredible, inviting, supportive, and fun- and this lead to an amazing show of bravery from our campers who stretched their comfort zones with dance today. She’ll be back tomorrow for part 2 which will include working with folks who want to do some solo dancing. As a reminder-those soloists should be creating their movement TONIGHT at HOME and refining with Sarah tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what these folks will come up with and I’m especially jazzed to put it all together tomorrow.

In the afternoon we dove full-force into blocking. Johnny blocked Scene 2 with the Darling Family and the first appearance of Peter who, with the help of Tink, is trying to catch his Shadow. Blocking is usually a little tedious-but from what I watched as Johnny worked with these actors, they had a blast. Not only did they get the broad brush-strokes of where to move on stage, but they also made some great decisions about character as they worked.
After working some of the Lost Kid’s music-we began blocking the first Lost-Kid scene. This scene is pages and pages of dialogue, and has to be fit into a short amount of time. The Lost Kids TOTALLY picked up on the energy needed to make it happen and I was very impressed with their buy-in to this scene. I can’t wait to finish with them tomorrow. Today also included massive amount of prop and set building as well as pulling costumes and designing costumes!!

What we need from YOU!
With so little time to block, rehearse, choreograph, learn songs, memorize lines, and develop our characters we REALLY need you to help your actors practice at home. Ask them to show you what they did during the day, or ask them to sing one of their songs, or you could look up the song on youtube together. Help them learn lines AND cues! Knowing when to say a line is often harder then remembering the line itself. Anything you can do at home will help our whole community!

TOMORROW NIGHT IS OUR CONTRADANCE!!! Bring your whole family and all of your friends-SPAE related or otherwise! We are so so so excited to transform our SPAE space into a music-and-dancing-feet-filled extravaganza. Join us at 6:30, bring water and maybe a towel… It’ll be warm…Admission by donation to help pay the incredible band!
Don’t forget to check Flickr!

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One Response to ThurSPAE: Sarah Grasso! Blocking!

  1. Apple Gifford says:

    Thanks for all these great posts and for making camp so fun. Zinny is having a great time!

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