WedneSPAE!! Riley, Ron, Read-Through!


A Triple-R Day!
This morning the directors had the both exhilarating and difficult job of reading the cast-list. We are SO SO SO jazzed about the cast that we have lined up- but the decisions were not reached without MUCH deliberation. It was made explicitly clear that any of our campers could have brought any of these roles to life, but in the end, a show with 25 Peters and 13 Captain Hooks just wouldn’t be as fulfilling as a show with MANY characters who add color and detail to our story. I was particularly impressed with how our community came together to support each other in finding out our characters today. In only three days we have grown as one.

In the afternoon Riley Goodemote and Ron Kelley joined us for some workshop festivities!
While Riley staged the final battle in the show with a focus on physical comedy, Ron created the soundtrack with our instrumentalists. Both workshops yielded fantastic results. Speaking as a music teacher- thank you for encouraging your children to learn an instrument. The lessons it brings are endless. I can’t wait for you to hear our creation!

Tomorrow we are joined by Sarah Grasso who will be choreographing a large dance number. It’s bound to be AWESOME. Wear comfy clothes. Also, you’ve got your scripts- start learning those lines!!!

Don’t forget about the Flickr Page!

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