MonSPAE! Names, Community, the Script!

WOAH. The SPAE Community has blossomed today! We are now full of campers, staff, ideas, laughter, and sweat. It’s going to be a hot week in the Dutton, but a great week. It was so excellent to finally meet our new campers, and be reunited with our old. It’s always shocking to see how they’ve grown over the course of the year.

In the morning we worked to learn each other’s names, and get loosened up. We talked about what a Community Looks and Sounds like. This activity was led by our Counselors and they came through with flying colors.

In the afternoon we read through the first draft of our “Peter Pan” script. For our new campers this was a good insight into how strange we are at SPAE. I’m not sure my group was prepared for how hard I laughed at this poem performed by one of the Native Neverlandians-

A centipede was thirsty,
But to satisfy its need,
It drank too much for it to hold—
And so the centipede.

Tomorrow we audition! A quick run-down of how auditions work at SPAE- Each camper will give us their top 4 character choices. The choices aren’t a secret, they place their name under the Character Names. This lets them see if there are characters that no one is auditioning for-therefore upping their chances of getting the part!
Then we split up into 3 groups. When campers are auditioning they will get up with a few others and read a scene for their first choice character, and if we have time, their second choice character. Only folks who want to sing solos or in small groups will do a singing auditioning with me. It’s low-stakes and hopefully fun!!

WHAT A GREAT FIRST DAY! HOORAY FOR SPAE! Don’t forget to check the Flickr page for more photos, the link is to the right of the page!

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One Response to MonSPAE! Names, Community, the Script!

  1. Dayle says:

    Hooray for SPAE 2016! Can’t wait to see the show, have fun during the two week creation of art, friendship and fun!

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