Ladies and Gentlemen… Give it up for…


That’s right, the year we’ve all been waiting for. Mr. Pozzi will be rejoining the SPAE Director team this year to officially make it the best year of SPAE yet. What’s he been doing during his time away? Read more to find out.
13014942_10154125800916103_1186639328_nJohnny Pozzi grew up in this small Valley here in Vermont and attended Leland and Gray Union High where he met Karlie, Abby and Emily. Together they were theater artists, musicians, sporty sportsters and super pals. Since then Johnny has moved to New York City, has earned a degree in Performance studies from Fordham University and toured the country with Chamber theater troupe. He is currently acting, producing, filming, waiting on tables, taking photos for a tech company and trying to catch his breath in this big bustling city! But he is coming back to learn and hopefully teach a bit this summer at Summer Performance Arts Exploration! He is beyond excited ! Bring it on SPAE ’16

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