SPAE 2016 Counselor Application!

Leland & Gray Players’
Summer Performing Arts  Explorations
Counselor Application
July 24-August 6, 2016

Dear Leland and Gray Summer Performing Arts Explorations Counselor Applicant!

We, the SPAE staff are SO excited at the prospect of adding you to our terrific team this summer-for the BEST SUMMER OF SPAE YET! The role of the Counselor (sometimes called “Helpers” “SPAElpers” or “CITs”) has evolved greatly over the past 8 years of SPAE and we are thrilled to be able to continue this opportunity for high schoolers in our community. Counselors are involved with SPAE in a wide variety of ways. The directors work to place you in areas highlighting your strengths while providing you with opportunities to grow in all areas of the arts.

We’d like you to write us a letter about why you think you should be a Counselor at SPAE. While there is no length requirement for the letter we are looking for you to really describe to us why this job is important to you. The most likely means you will need to write more than one sentence for each item. At the minimum, be sure that your letter addresses the following items:

  1. Why would you make a great Counselor?
  2. What do you envision the role of a Counselor to be?
  3. What are challenges you’ve come across at SPAE? What ideas do you have to make those things less challenging?
  4. Why do we work hard to build a community at SPAE from the very first day?
  5. What is your spirit animal?

**Please address your letters to Abby, Emily, and Karlie and email to by May 15th (due to a competitive pool of applicants no late letters will be accepted.)

**Sunday July 24 is our Counselor Orientation Day. This year we will not be able to accept any staff member who cannot attend this day. We value this day together to team build, go over expectations, and set up the amazing two weeks that lie ahead of us. Thank you for your understanding on this.

Thank you!

Your SPAE team,

Abby, Karlie, and Emily

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