SPAE 2015: MonSPAE: Drumming Workshop, Blocking, T-Shirts, FREEZE!

Today was rocking’! We were SO honored to have Todd Roach lead part one of his drumming workshop. We can’t wait to share this music with you as an opener to our play! IMG_1683 IMG_1680 IMG_1678 IMG_1677 IMG_1675 IMG_1670 IMG_1666 IMG_1665 IMG_1664 IMG_1663 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 It finally happened- we introduced “Freeze,” a favorite improv game of most or all of our campers. We’ve been working up to Freeze all last week, playing improv games like “Word Association,” “String of Pearls,” “Hitch-Hiker,” “3-Headed Expert,” and others that would help get us ready to improvise.

The basic improv concepts that we try to teach during our two weeks of SPAE are as follows:
-“Yes, and” which is to say, go along with the reality that’s created by your improv partner. -Establish who you are and where you are from the first line.
-Listen more than you Speak
-Acting is Reacting.

 IMG_1696 IMG_1695 IMG_1692 IMG_1691 IMG_1689 IMG_1686 IMG_1642 IMG_1641 IMG_1640  IMG_1636 IMG_1526 IMG_1525 IMG_1524 IMG_1521 We’re plugging away on staging the show. If we stay on track we’ll be done with blocking on Wednesday! We directors have been stunned by how mature, patient, and respectful our campers are while they are blocking- a process that is often tedious. Total rockstars. IMG_1628 IMG_1634 IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1631  IMG_1657
While campers aren’t blocking they do a variety of things- work on sets and props, find costumes, and today we designed T-Shirts!

IMG_1654 IMG_1649 IMG_1648 IMG_1647 IMG_1646 IMG_1645 IMG_3334 IMG_3329 IMG_3332 IMG_3333

And lastly I have to give the biggest thank you ever to our lighting crew, Max Cramp and John Butler who’ve now spent two afternoons hanging and aiming lights. To light a stage in the round is no easy task, and we are so lucky to have them in our community. Tomorrow Max will lead a lighting workshop, and Mr. Ron Kelley will return to continue working with our instrumentalists! IMG_1530

Here’s some video footage from today!

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