SPAE 2015: WedneSPAE: Instrument Workshop, “Thneedville,” Writey-Drawy!


It was hot in the gym. All day.
However, our campers persevered and brought their positivity through the final moments of the day. Today our instrumentalists participated in a workshop led by Mr. Ron Kelley who teaches middle and high school chorus and middle school band at Leland and Gray. He’s been coming to SPAE for seven summers!!! During this time we arranged a “Giant Seed Chase Song” that we’ll play DURING THE SHOW! What I love about his workshops is that no matter if you’ve just started playing, or if you’ve been playing for 15 years, (whah that makes me feel old,) you can find a challenge that’s just right for you. And our song sounds really cool so far!
IMG_1535 IMG_1533 IMG_1537 IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1534

We also began learning “Thneedville,” one of the harder songs in the play. We learned what a “Melisma” is: singing one syllable on many different pitches. We have an incredibly musical group at SPAE…it is SO much fun to teach them!
IMG_1526 IMG_1527 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1530IMG_1542

Emily taught us a great chant to help with diction. Now you can practice it at home:
“I am the very model of a modern major general,
I’m information vegetable, animal, mineral.
I know the Kings of England and I quote the fights historical,
from Marathon to Waterloo in order categorical.”

We wrapped up our day by laying-low and embarking in a rousing round of Writey-Drawy. Like the game Telephone, but with sentences and sketches. Great fun.
IMG_1550 IMG_1549 IMG_1547 IMG_1546 IMG_1545 IMG_1544

Props were gathered and made, set pieces designed and created, ideas brainstormed, costumes gathered, and oh yes, we found out our character roles today. We want to extend an ENORMOUS CONGRATULATIONS to you all, believe us when we say you made our job an extremely difficult one. After hearing you read through the script this afternoon, we are so excited to start staging the story!

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