SPAE 2015: MonSPAE 1: Set Design, Costume Design, Stage Directions, and NAMES NAMES NAMES!

In total SPAE 2015 is 50 humans all ready to create something stunning. Today we worked hard to learn each other’s names, gave great thought to what it means to be a part of a community, learned about Costume Design, Set Design, Stage Directions, Levels, and Focus in our “Three Pronged Workshop,” played games, and read through the first draft of “The Lorax.”
Our group is about half new folks, and half returning. The same is true for our staff. We are so excited to make this year of SPAE unique, and bringing these amazing new personalities to the mix will contribute greatly to that effort.
Here we talk about Community.
IMG_1407 IMG_1405 IMG_1402 IMG_1398 IMG_1396 IMG_1395

Tomorrow we will audition for our role(s) in the performance. We talked about the process today, we try to make it as laid-back and stress-free as possible. Before we break for snack tomorrow morning we will lay out all of the character names on the floor. Each camper will get 4 sticky notes with their name and the numbers 1-4, (Karlie 1, Karlie 2 etc) to prioritize the parts they’d like. They will put their sticky under their top four character choices. We organize this as quickly as possible while campers are snacking. When we get back together we break up into three groups. The three rotations will consist of a Sound Production workshop led by our very own Grant Cullen and Set work, Acting Games outside, and auditions.

In the audition campers will read with others a scene from the play. If campers are interested in singing a solo, I’ll hear them sing “Liza Jane,” the round we learned today, in small groups.

BUT REALLY-It’s low-stress. Auditions are hopefully…dare I say it, FUN!
Here is a video montage from today!

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