WedneSPAE 2 and ThurSPAE 2: The Return of the Kelleys, Stumble Through and Run Through!


The highlight of Wednesday was the RETURN OF THE KELLEYS!
Now… I’m not going to post any pictures of the puppet… so you’ll have to trust that Cate was there, and that some seriously amazing work was done, AND YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO COME MEET THE PUPPET FOR YOURSELF!

On Wednesday we stumbled through the first half of the show. That means that we began at the beginning and tried to push through as much as possible, making acting notes, fixing blocking, and working through songs. It was definitely useful for the directors to see where we stood. Campers came away with a better concept of how the show works as a whole (even though we only made it through the first half!)

We finished the stumble through and in the afternoon we RAN THROUGH THE SHOW…
What does that mean?! WITHOUT OUR SCRIPTS!
Wahoo! It was eye-opening for our actors about where they stood with their memorization, but we were truly blown away by the amazing work they’ve done in just two short weeks.


It’s hard to explain to our young friends what an undertaking this is-how much we ask them to do-the amount we ask them to learn, and then remember-with hardly ANY repetition. We challenge them to rely on each other, help each other, guide each other, support each other.
I don’t think they have a concept of just how important our COMMUNITY is until we get to show time, and they realize that if we haven’t come together, it will be worlds more difficult to pull off this production.

IMG_0268We open tomorrow night at 7:00! Campers will stay through until the show with a potluck in between. Thank you in advance for contributing to the dinner effort! LEARN THOSE LINES! WAHOO!!! SPREAD THE WORD IT”S GOING TO BE GREAT!


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