MonSPAE 2: Lighting Workshop and the Mad Rush to Finish Blocking!

Hopefully you got some rest this weekend and had time to work on those lines, WAHOO!
Today we were joined by Leland and Gray alum Cassidy Anderson who was the head of lighting at L+G and now goes to UVM. Campers learned how to hang and focus lights and put gels in to change the color of the light. They also climbed to the lighting booth where they learned about the DIMMER BOARD, GOBO, and used the SPOTLIGHT! (Ask your camper about the most recent additions to the Word Wall!)
aMonSPAE_4 aMonSPAE_6 aMonSPAE_5

Thank you Cassidy!!!

We are in a MAD RUSH to finish blocking the show. Fingers crossed that we finish up tomorrow and are able to stumble through the WHOLE SHOW on Wednesday! A perk of being a CIT is being given the opportunity to block a scene. Today Tino and Jesse blocked the Mathemagician scene, (see photos.) Rachael and Sage blocked the Dirty Bird Scene, and Nathaniel blocked Princesses Rhyme and Reason’s song. It was a busy day for CITs!
aMonSPAE_3 aMonSPAE_2 aMonSPAE_1

In between Blocking, Lighting, Dancing, Singing, and prop-making, we learned a new acting game affectionately named “The Onion” because Karlie forgot the real name.
Just like an onion has layers, so does this game. It begins with one actor playing a scene by themselves. A second actor enters and changes the scene entirely. This repeats with a third, fourth, fifth…however high you desire to go. When the last person has entered they must then find a reason to leave. When they have exited the action returns to the previous scene, and that actor exits, and so on until we are back to our original actor, who finds a reason to leave. It’s a hard game, for sure-but lots of fun.

The Greek Chorus, Alice, and Avarie learned the “Sad Sound Song” today which tells the story of how the Soundkeeper took all the sounds from the Valley of Sound. Here is a recording they can practice with:

Please remind them to sing the words clearly as we want the audience to know the story by the end of the song!

Enjoy the pictures!

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