Week 1 Wrap Up and Looking to Week 2!

It’s hard to believe that our first week went by so quickly. Between our Sound workshop, Character Development workshop, Music workshop, Puppet workshop, costume and set designs sprinkled in, on top of auditioning, reading the script, blocking I don’t know how we ever fit in the fabulous GAMES! (Which are my favorite part!)

We want to know what has been shared at home with you; new words, new ideas, games, processes… either comment on this post or email Karlie at kauffee.karlie@yahoo.com.

We accomplished so much in our week together, here are a few pictures-
The Word Wall at the end of Week 1
Blocking Shorthand (if you look through your camper’s script you should see these scribbled in!)
and the poster for our performances. (We’ll send your camper home with a few of these to hang around the valley.)

IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0148

Looking ahead to next week- holy cow our cast members have A LOT of lines to memorize in such a short amount of time… they desperately need your help. They came up with great list of memorizing strategies- if you go back a few blog posts you’ll find that list.
Everyone will need a black shirt and black shorts/pants/skirt so if those could come in ASAP as well as a costume bag (a clearly labeled tote works well!)

More info to come, spread the word about our performances as your children are amazing!
Here’s the link to the facebook event if you connect in that way!

LASTLY- here is a video from our closing circle “How does Art affect your everyday life?” Editing by Nicole Winot (Thanks Nicole!)

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One Response to Week 1 Wrap Up and Looking to Week 2!

  1. Kirsten Munson says:

    Good job guys I love art too!!

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