IMG_0130Ron Kelley gets Christian, Andrew and Vinny into the groove for our instrumental piece!

After a quick morning warm up and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Fairen (13!) we met Cate and Ron Kelley who told us about their time with Bread and Puppet Theatre. (More to come on puppet in a future blog post!) With Mr. Kelley we worked on music for the show!

Some of our campers will be DEMONS who try to keep Milo, Millie, the Gnome, and Tock from rescuing Princesses Rhyme and Reason. These Demons, along with the Greek Chorus will make the music to accompany our giant puppet. We worked with Mr. Kelley on creating a scary but rhythmic piece with big Brazilian drums called Surdo (pronounced Sir-Doo) and big sticks.


Those of us that play band instruments started learning another piece with Mr. Kelley! I won’t say too much about that in the blog so you’ll be surprised at the show!

More to come…

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