WedneSPAE: “Art is what makes all the colors of the world brighter”

From Dea, who’s entering 3rd grade this year in response to our closing circle question, “How does art affect your every day life?”
The answers were tremendous. They took my breath away, and brought tears to my eyes.
Hoping to have a video of those responses soon for you, but here were some memorable quotes,
“Sometimes when I’m angry I just have to doodle it out.”
“I just love to make other people laugh.”
“Art is like a personal companion.”
“It just feels good to sing because I love to do it.”

What I CAN offer a video of is a clip from our movement workshop with CIT Rachael Turner!
After working with the full group today introducing us to different ways to move our body for the stage, and directing us to embody different objects and then move across the space such as “scissors” or “pants” or “a wooden spoon,” she got down to business and worked with the DEMONS who take control of Milo, Tock, Millie, and the Gnome. 
They’ve only just begun but it’s a GREAT sneak peek!

Abby introduced campers to the acting improv game “Freeze!” today and campers learned the basic rules of improv; 1. Yes, And (where actors go along with the reality established by their fellow actors.) 2. Establishing who they are and where they are right away 3. Beginning with something other than a question 4. Listening MORE than speaking.
Everyone had great successes all day long.

We found out our parts, read through the script, AND began the sometimes tedious process of BLOCKING!

Here are some pictures!

Here are more pictures from figuring out what COMMUNITY means to us:

WP_20140729_008 WP_20140729_007


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One Response to WedneSPAE: “Art is what makes all the colors of the world brighter”

  1. Dayle says:

    Another joyful day! It certainly looks like fun was had by all!! Can’t wait to see the show!!!

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