TueSPAE! Day 2: Sound Workshop, Auditions, GAMES!

TuesSPAE_11Another GREAT and FULL day at SPAE!

Today we had the pleasure of being joined by Sarah Dickson, Leland and Gray alum from’12. She lead us in a sound workshop where we learned about AMPLIFIERS, LAPEL MICROPHONES, SPEAKERS, and more! (Those words made it up onto the word wall- ask your campers to teach you about them!) Sarah explained that the amplifier acts as a translator between the microphone and the speakers. AWESOME. From the next room where half the group was auditioning, we heard a stunning rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” coming through the speakers!

Speaking of auditions…
WOW, BLOWN AWAY. Campers showed an understanding of the characters, read with expression and loudly, and were animated with their faces and bodies.
But best of all, they showed such powerful and loving support for each other.
I (Karlie) got to spend even more time with campers who are interested in singing solos or in small groups. We learned a song together, sang it as a round, sang in small groups, and sang solos. For some folks it was the first time they had sung alone in front of others. The uproar of cheers that erupted after each performance brought tears to my eyes. You are the families of some beautiful singers, thank you for your support!

What Else?
The most fun way to build acting skills is to play GAMES that practice those skills! Today we played a ton of different games, but I was able to watch “Hitchiker” (a non-verbal game where a car-load of people takes on the trait of an incoming hitchhiker,) “Tableau” (a living-picture game where after sending one person out of the room the group decides on a place/scenario/scene ie: wedding, that they’ll create with their bodies keeping in mind levels, and stage picture. The person sent away reenters, has to guess the scene and then join in,) and “What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?” (where actors are given a place ie: Inactive Volcano, and after establishing, the audience suggest something that could go wrong, ie: it begins raining or the volcano starts to smoke, and eventually so many terrible things happen in the scene that we just have to end.) 
We’ll continue to add to our repertoire of acting games to build on skills as we learn them!
Tomorrow after reading the script in our new roles, we start BLOCKING the play!
We also will have a movement workshop with Rachael Turner! WAHOO!!!

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you Abby and Emily for documenting! 


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