MonSPAE: Where Are We? What Do We Do Here? Who Are We?

Ohhhhh Booooyyyyy!!! We are off to a FABULOUS start!!!
Today we spent a lot of time figuring out what we do at SPAE, and WHO WE ARE at SPAE.
We opened with learning each other’s names, warming up our brains with a variety of games, and then we dove into defining what we want our SPAE community to be.

We broke up into groups to give meaning to the following words that we felt were important to our community.

We were shocked by the maturity and insight our campers brought to these words. The resulting papers will hang in our space to remind us of the incredible group we are.
MonSpae 1 MonSPAE 2 MonSPAE 3 MonSPAE 4

Following this we had a Three-Pronged Workshop. In Jesse and Karlie’s workshop we learned some important theatre terminology: BLOCKING, FOCUS, LEVELS, and to UPSTAGE SOMEONE or YOURSELF, and learned all of the stage directions (It can be totally confusing!) These would be GREAT things to have your camper teach you about!!
In Abby’s Costume Design Workshop campers learned about all of the different things costumes can tell us about a character-(again, ask your camper to tell you,) age, gender, socio-economic status, if they’re a “good” or “bad” character, and so much more! Campers then began working on their own costume designs.
In Ms. Landenberger’s Set Design Workshop campers looked at examples of different set designs, and begun making plans for their 3D set design, (Don’t forget those shoeboxes, Friends!)

Which Brought Us To…
Reading through the SCRIPT!!! 
Campers were chomping at the bit all day to FINALLY read our version of “The Phantom Tollbooth!” I was AMAZED at our readers today. We all are coming from very different places with our reading levels, and some of the material in our script would absolutely be found in high school English classes, but our readers BLEW US AWAY!!
I’d like to ask families to remind campers that what we read today is the first draft of the script, it’s enough to get us started, but once we meet our cast, and see what interests and strengths we have we are better able to tailor the story to our needs!
MonSPAE 16 MonSPAE 17 MonSPAE 18
A Note About Auditions!
SPAE Auditions are REALLY not meant to be anxiety-causing. We will be in small groups reading  scenes from the script just like we did today as a full group. When we cast we have to consider many things including how different characters work together, singing interests, dancing interests, and more. It’s by FAR the hardest part of SPAE for the directors, but it’s also SO exciting to see the amazing talents in our valley! Please remind your camper that we actually want the auditions to be fun, so just relax!!

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