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Tonight we kicked off SPAE 2014 with a family potluck! We had a great turnout, and despite needing to bring our picnic inside, it was a BLAST. We have a wonderful mix of old and new campers, SIBLINGS, and SO MUCH positive energy!!! We are SURE to have a fantastic time together for the next two weeks! We begin tomorrow at 9am, see you there with shoes that will stay on your feet, plenty of food and water, and your fabulous spirits!

Abby Says: Seeing everybody come together and play games tonight shows me what an amazing community we’re going to have this year. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!”

Emily Says: “It was great to meet all the kiddos (and parents) and I am now EVEN MORE excited for SPAE”

Karlie Says: “I am SO GLAD I had someone to do ‘Sasha! Sasha!’ with, I’ve been waiting all year. Best Year of SPAE Ever!”

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures…
(I know there are more out there…email me at
sasha 8 sasha 9

SPAE LOVES SASHA! (Click a pic to enlarge)

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