MILLICENT, otherwise known as MILLIE,

Sometimes when we adapt our stories for SPAE we run into characters who we just don’t like. No matter what we do we can’t quite wrap our brains and hearts around them. So we cut them. (Out of the story, not in a scary, violent way.)

This year we’ve cut some, but we’ve also ADDED some.
I’d like to introduce you to two of my favorite new friends from the Kingdom of Wisdom (Where Milo’s adventures take place in The Phantom Tollbooth.)

Millicent is the youngest sister in a family raised to be the King’s Royal Advisors. Her three older sisters spend all of their time squeezing into dresses covered in fru-fru, seeing how high they can stack their curls upon their head, and making sure that no part of their face is left uncovered by makeup. With the rest of their time they try to cozy up to the unmarried King. 
Millie, however, wants none of that. When she meets Milo and Tock in the Word Market she sees them as her escape, and her ticket to a grand adventure. She is brave, level-headed, no-nonsense, and a go-getter.

Everyone loves a Gnome. The Garden Gnome travels about the Kingdom of Wisdom bringing comedy and joy to gardens. They take their duties very seriously, When the Gnome learns of Milo and Tock’s desire to travel to the Castle in the Air to rescue Rhyme and Reason, they decide they must join the adventure. Their services are offered as a guide to the Kingdom, having had so much experience in gardens around the world. 
Sorry there aren’t any pictures for this sneak peek, but that’s only because my dear SPAE friends have yet to bring these characters to life!


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